Granite Designer LLC | About
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Granite Designer LLC

With more than 10 years of experience in the business

Offers high quality granite countertops to customers in Auburn and the surrounding area. We manufacture and install custom countertops using a wide selection of natural and engineering stones. Our experienced professionals provide exceptional services at affordable prices.

We work with construction companies and homeowners, property managers, real estate agents, interior designers, architects. We provide an extensive selection of engineered and natural stone products, Kitchen stainless steel sink, Vanity sink and more.

Granite Designer, we will assist you throughout the process of selecting the right products that suits your budget and needs. Granite Designer, is your one stop source for creating a new and elegant kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Rely on us to transform the look of your home. We have the right skills to guarantee that the work is done correctly.

Our Company

We are dedicated to guaranteeing our customers the best granite installation service. To achieve this, we have adopted optimal quality and efficiency policies for the realization of projects, which are constantly being improved.

Our Vision

Is to grow through the territory as the best remodeling company and that many residents of the area can enjoy our quality work, first class service and luxury finishes.

Why choose us?

Our clients prefer us because we always offer excellence and quality in the remodeling and renovation of residential or commercial projects. Our excellent customer service and our profitable prices guarantee the happiness of our customers.

Our Mission

Is to deliver a job done with dedication and perfection that generates trust from our clients and results that last a long time, at the most accessible prices in the market.