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4 Reasons to Choose Quartz Counter Top For Your Kitchen Remodel – What to Know

Countertops are one of the most essential parts of any kitchen. In addition to providing the necessary space for cutting, slicing, and prepping meals, it plays a large role in enhancing the look and feel of your kitchen.

With that being said, if you want to upgrade the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, choosing quartz countertops makes for an excellent alternative to natural stones like granite or marble.

Conversely, it’s a perennial favorite in design-savvy homeowners due to its infinite design options and extreme durability. If you’re looking for countertop options for your kitchen fix-me-upper, the list below should convince you that quartz is a perfect choice: 

Benefit #1: Quartz Countertops are Aesthetically Pleasing 

Natural stones like granite or marble have always been the rage in luxurious kitchens, but quartz provides the same beautiful finish without the need for any maintenance. There are hundreds of color, pattern, and texture options in the market, allowing homeowners to choose a design that harmonizes with their existing kitchen decor. 

Not to mention, quartz countertops can take on a beautiful and vibrant look for years to come. This means that the color can stay just as bright over the test of time, while the smooth, continuous surfaces provide a breath of fresh air compared to the classic tiles.

Benefit #2: Quartz Countertops are Durable and Easy to Maintain

While quartz countertops are not made from natural stone, it does use about 90 percent of natural quartz mixed with ground colorings and binders. This mixture strengthens the non-porous material, making quartz countertops one of the most durable surfaces that can hold up to the demands of a busy kitchen. 

Benefit #3: Quartz Countertops Have Anti-Bacterial Properties 

More than its beauty and brawns, quartz countertops also serve a beneficial function to the kitchen due to its anti-bacterial properties. This is because manufacturers produced it in a way that mitigates the risk of attracting bacteria, which means that quartz countertops is a more practical choice for all the action that takes place in preparing food in your kitchen. 

Benefit #4: Quartz Countertops Have Anti-Scratch Properties 

In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, manufacturers have also designed quartz countertops to resist scratches. It will not lose its polished look even if you slice and cut through food without a cutting board, though it is not recommended as doing so can dull knives. 

Conclusion: Quartz Counter Tops as the Go-To Choice for Modern Kitchens 

Many homeowners opt for granite or marble countertops to achieve the elegant look natural stone can bring to kitchens. With quartz countertops, you can transform your kitchen into a space that looks like it came straight from glossy magazines. 

Not only does it look just as beautiful as natural stone for half the price and maintenance, the material also comes with properties that boost the functionality of your kitchen. From its resistance to scratching, heat, and stain, quartz is the ideal choice for your dream kitchen remodel. 

If you’re looking for quartz kitchen countertops in Seattle, get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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