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4 Reasons Why Granite Remains the Best Countertop for Homes

Most consumers today prefer granite for their kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops. People will often choose this material over other types of surfaces. Granite is available in various colors, 100 percent natural, and is exceptionally durable, making it great for areas where people prepare and consume food. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose this material for your renovation.

It increases your home’s resale value

Granite conveys luxury, far more than quartz or other materials used for kitchen surfaces. It is highlighted as a plus when homes are featured in listings. Although your granite kitchen or bathroom countertops are probably not your only selling point, it may be the thing that convinces a buyer to choose your home over another.

It is incomparable in style and value

Granite veining can look dramatic and bold, or it can be soft and subtle. People who like marble patterns but are hesitant to use it because of the price tag will find granite an acceptable alternative. In particular, white granite looks as luxurious as marble but more durable.

Nothing beats the real thing; granite alternatives like quartz or laminate attempt to recreate it but are often unsuccessful. These materials have fake-looking veins or uniform surfaces. Although they look the same from a distance, you will certainly see the difference up close.

It is a great long-term investment

You do not have to do much to clean a granite countertop. After preparing a meal or eating, you only need to wipe it down with a cloth and a gentle cleanser. This material resists stains and etching, and it will not scorch if you accidentally rest a hot pan on it. 

In case you want more protection for your countertop, you can have it sealed by a specialist. This process does not take more than ten minutes and protects your surfaces against a lifetime of staining.

Granite surfaces can last up to 30 years. Comparably-priced countertops will have been replaced at least twice in the lifespan of this material. Since granite bears the brunt of daily routines in the bathroom and kitchen, they need to be made of something that lasts a while.

You get a unique surface

When you choose a man-made countertop, you have to base your selection on a small sample. What’s more, the pieces delivered to you might not even look like the sample you chose. 

With granite, you have the freedom to view slabs of stone and select the ones you want for your project. When you are allowed to view the whole slab, you can base your choice on things like color variation and veining. These things vary widely, even among slabs of the same type of granite.


Granite is a classic material that will be fashionable for kitchen and bathroom surfaces for many years. Its durability and aesthetic appeal is a solid combination that makes it the perfect choice for discerning homeowners. With granite, you can sustain daily activities for many years, while reaping the benefits of having a stunning focal point for your kitchen or your bathroom.

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