Bathroom Countertops

Where Durability Meets Style​

Vanity countertops often have a dual role. They need to be durable and capable to stand up to water, soap and cosmetics – but also serve as ample work surface for your morning rush hours or personal retreats in the bathroom.
At the same time, vanity countertops are a real focal point in any bathroom, connecting the cabinets with the sink. Therefore, the surface you choose depends largely on your budget and taste.

Designed To Withstand Wear And Tear In Style

Our vanity countertops come in different materials, styles and price tags. Some of the most popular solutions on the market include:
Perfect for making your vanity tops resistant to stains and scratches – and a non-porous material to consider. We also work with integrated vanity countertops, cut-out vanity tops, vessel vanity tops and other stylish options that allow you to make most of your space in the bathroom.
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