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Exploring Bathroom Vanity Top Types – What to Know

Before having your bathroom made or renovated, you have to ask yourself if you need a bathroom vanity top. After all, the name “vanity” doesn’t sound good mentally and financially.

The answer really is, why not? Vanity tops are the focal point of every bathroom. If you want to hide from the stresses inside and outside your house, the bathroom is the perfect place. Without a vanity top, what would make you forget about the mundane? 

Vanity tops are glorious man-made creations that make you ache for the beautiful opulence available in life. The best part is, they don’t come as expensive as you expect. They come in different forms and sizes, and DIYers can modify it in whatever way they want it to be. 

Vanity tops match the sizes of standard bathroom vanity cabinets as big as 24 to 60 inches. Many of the vanity tops in the market today match the bathroom vanity cabinets as if they’re both from an underwear catalog. Nevertheless, these similarities make it easy for DIYers to put up. Quartz and granite vanity tops, which are both relatively heavy, can be put up if you get help from other people. 

Vanity Top Categories

There are two basic vanity tops categories, and these are cut-out and integrated. Both of these are available in either single-basin or double-basin styles. To know which one to install, get to know the features of both.

Integrated tops

This means that the sink basin is pre-installed into the vanity top. The manner of incorporation is either through molding into the countertop material or attaching below the vanity top. 

A prime example of a molded sink is the cultured marble that you saw in your grandma’s house when you were younger. As you can remember, the sink basin was crafted in such a way that it looks like it’s a single unit with the vanity top. There are modern versions of this, and it will be a refreshing addition to your bathroom fixture. The disadvantage of this vanity top type, however, is the limited choices. 

Cut-out tops

This refers to vanity tops that contain large openings and do not hold basins when sold. Nevertheless, it’s designed to accommodate the basin designs of your choice. These types of vanity tops require a sink that is designed for self-rimming. It is when the purchased sink is caulked to fit in. 

It may also require an under-mount sink, which is right below the lip of the cut-out. One of the most significant advantages of this type of vanity top is that you can exercise your designing or creative mind by choosing from a wide range of options that will go perfectly well into the bathroom design of your dreams. 


Vanity tops are necessities to spice up a bathroom where you’d love to hang out on. The good news is, you can DIY this project. All you need to do is pick the perfect vanity bathroom tops that can be integrated with your other choices in life. The bathroom vanity tops from Granite Designer, for example, comes in granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite. There are integrated tops, as well as cut out tops. There is a myriad of choices that can make you go gaga. 

Get in touch with Granite Designer today to see how we can help!

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