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Granite Counters: Are They Usable In The Bathroom?

When thinking of granite countertops, the most immediate thoughts would be its use in kitchens or outdoor surfaces. Granite, in itself, is a very durable rock—and its use in modern architecture proves both durability and aesthetics. Natural granite surfaces—cut directly from the earth—make for a highly pricey but well-worth investment.

What most don’t realize, however, is that granite countertops can also be well-utilized in your bathrooms. Its use can really provide an amazing aesthetic touch to your bathroom while also giving your home’s real estate value a big nudge. 

If you need a stronger push to swap for granite countertops in your bathroom, then here are some more reasons why it would prove beneficial to you.

Unique and beautiful aesthetic

As stated earlier, natural granite slabs are directly hewn from the earth, making its finished product highly unique from each other. The seemingly chaotic and natural pattern of each slab is considered art in itself—which is why its average price puts it on a higher scale than the more common porcelain or ceramic tiles. 

Its highly variegated surface appearance makes each slab unique, which is why each box can still yield highly different looks or designs. While its use can produce seemingly chaotic patterns, the resulting aesthetic makes it highly sought after, so its use can help pull up your home’s resale value. 

Its strength and resistance

With regard to its durability, its quality as a stone is definitely on par with other surfaces. If well-maintained, then its lifespan undoubtedly increases—making it last for up to several decades of service. It boasts a highly stain-resistant surface and its base water-resistance allows for easy clean-ups.

Take note, however, that for natural granite surfaces, it has to be frequently re-sealed. Its porous nature, when exposed to excessive water, can absorb copious amounts of it, possibly causing it to wear down. If that seems too much trouble to maintain, then the best alternative would be to utilize engineered stone. Engineered stone has various resins and additives within its composition, making it highly water-resistant even without additional sealing.

When using granite tiles

When using granite tiles for the surfaces in your bathroom, take note of its size and its grout lines. Granite is an exceedingly expensive material, but utilizing it in smaller sizes can be a money-saving tactic. For countertops, instead of using a continuous slab, use modular ones or several large ones to complete. For floor surfaces, smaller tiles will still prove to be highly aesthetic while saving you a bit of cash.

Granite tiles have grout lines, so knowing how thick to lay the grout is another consideration. The seams between the tiles should be filled thinly with grout, as excessively thick grout can take your eyes away from the beauty of the granite. Also, ensure that the grout color matches the granite around it to ensure the best effect.


The use of granite on your bathroom surfaces can really spruce up your home’s aesthetic, while also raising its real estate value. The unique patterns make for a highly tasteful feel of your bathroom, which in itself is already a worthy reason for its use. When using granite countertops, however, make sure to maintain its quality properly to prolong its service life.

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