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How Can You Do Replace Cabinet Without Removing Granite Countertops?

A typical situation that homeowners find themselves to be in is when they want to replace their outdated cabinets without having to remove their granite kitchen countertops. It comes down to different reasons, but more commonly, there’s just no need to replace the countertop. After all, you don’t need to fix what’s not broken.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem known as cabinet refacing. Here’s what you need to know:

Common reasons for refacing

You may have had your granite kitchen countertops installed, but you didn’t notice that your cabinets are already a little shabby. Because of this, the brand-new look of your countertops can emphasize your cabinet’s condition rather than draw attention away from it. This weird combination can hurt your home’s overall aesthetics and might become off-putting, leaving you uncomfortable and unsatisfied.

Another typical scenario is that your cabinets have grown weak and may not be enough to support the weight of the countertops anymore. When that happens, you need to address it right away to avoid damaging the whole structure.

Benefits of cabinet refacing

Changing to brand new cabinets not only brings out the beauty of your granite kitchen countertops, but it also ensures that the structure is strong enough to support it. 

Cabinet refacing is also an innovative procedure for home renovation as you wouldn’t need to replace your cabinets, along with your countertops. Doing so will allow you to save money while keeping your home looking sleek and modern.

How it works

Cabinet refacing can be a DIY project, or professionals can handle it for you. Either way, refacing shall follow the procedure below:

  1. Remove original cabinet doors and drawers
  2. Cover front portions of the cabinet boxes with a veneer
  3. Skin the cabinet sides with wood veneer or laminate
  4. Add brand new door hinges if you prefer to
  5. Install new cabinet doors and fronts
  6. Add any other additional optional accessory if preferred

Cost of refacing

Refacing cabinets will cost lower than replacing your whole setup, including your granite kitchen countertops. However, refacing is not an entirely cheap solution that results in loss of quality.

When you DIY, refacing will cost significantly less as you’ll only need to gather the tools and equipment you need, as well as the replacements. However, unless you have the experience or are willing to spend an adequate amount of time studying the refacing process, you’ll be better off getting the help of a professional to do the refacing for you.

Typically, professional refacing will range from $1,000–$3,000. However, the cost can adjust depending on the size of the working area. If you’re replacing the cabinets in your large kitchen, the cost can easily increase to $9,000–$10,000.

When estimating for your budget, a good rule of thumb is that the cost of refacing is about 40–50 percent of the total cost of building the room in the first place.


Cabinet refacing is a great solution for home renovation as it will bring out the amazing look of your granite kitchen countertops without having to change the entire structure. Not only is cabinet refacing cost-effective, but it will surely enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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