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How Steel Grey Granite Can Give Your Home an Updated Look

As the economy begins to stabilize, you may be keen on a home renovation. If you’re considering installing new countertops in your home, steel grey granite makes for a unique, affordable, and robust material. Imported from India and offered as part of our roster at Granite Designer, steel grey granite countertops in Seattle are becoming a popular option in kitchens, bathrooms, and even for vanity tops. 

What is Steel Grey Granite?

A low variation granite, steel grey granite comes in a “shattered” look unparalleled by most other materials. It is extremely hard and among the least porous of countertop materials, which makes it highly resistant to the effects of acids and other corrosive chemicals. 

The Difference Between Polished and Brushed Granite

A polished finish offers a glossier look that can catch and reflect light. If you’re into a flashier aesthetic, polished granite may be a better option for you. On the other hand, a brushed finish is subtler, more subdued, and suits a more contemporary look. 

Why use Steel Grey Granite?

Beyond its distinct and ornamental qualities, steel grey granite poses a lot of benefits for your home redecorating project. 

  • It’s visually versatile: steel grey granite can pair with many basic cabinetry setups, including those in white, off-white, or brown.
  • It’s durable: because of its heat-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, steel grey granite makes for a perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or even patio. It can withstand extremely hot to even freezing temperatures. Because it has little to no cracks and crevices, it can keep dirt and moisture from settling better than any other material. 
  • It’s affordable: most steel grey granite installations start at $49 or less per square foot and require very little maintenance over the years. At most, you’ll simply have to apply a protective coating to reinforce your surfaces. Not to mention, it’s also stain-free, so your daily cleaning should involve no more than a wipe down with a microfiber cloth.
  • It’s variable: steel grey granite comes in larger slabs than other materials at 120 – 130 inches long. They can also be altered into unique shapes and don’t require covering with a visual seal. 

How to Pair Steel Grey Granite With Your Cabinets

One of the best things about steel grey granite is how easy it is to pair with other types of furniture, especially cabinetry. Color-wise, steel grey granite works best with white and off-white, which can modernize the look of your kitchen island or bathroom. 

It can also especially complement the look of dark brown or espresso-colored cabinets. In general, you’d be hard-pressed to come across a cabinet design or color that doesn’t pair well with steel grey granite, which is what makes it so in-demand by contemporary homeowners. 


When shopping quality countertops, it’s difficult to come by a material that accomplishes the “kitchen trifecta” of durable, easy to maintain, and visually stunning. 

At Granite Designer, we can match you up with materials that boast all three characteristics—and more! Aside from granite countertops, we specialize in quartz and marble and work to carefully craft designs that best suit the needs of your home. Get in touch with us in Seattle WA today! 

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