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How to Avoid Damaging Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops add a modern, yet luxurious feel to a kitchen. Although many people opt for this material thanks to its visual appeal, the material is also very durable—if you take good care of it, of course.

Your granite countertops may be hardy, but they aren’t invincible. Even if you opt for the most expensive options, you can still damage your countertops if you’re not careful. If you aren’t looking to splurge on an expensive countertop renovation sooner than necessary, it’s crucial to care for it carefully. But how exactly do you ensure that your granite countertops are kept unscathed?

Here are some of our tips:

Avoid Placing Raw Meat Directly Above Your Countertops

Raw meat is not typically what you would expect to be harmful when talking about kitchen countertops. After all, cooking is what kitchen countertops are largely used for! To be clear, raw meat won’t cause immediate damage to your countertops. Despite that fact, the messy nature of preparing meat means you’ll have to do more cleaning. 

Wiping, bleaching, disinfecting, these can start to dull your countertops in the long run. If you do it more frequently, then you’re hastening the discoloration of your countertops. The solution? Use cutting boards to lessen the dirty work. 

Avoid Placing Bottles Of Alcohol Or Any Acidic Liquids On Your Countertops

The bottles aren’t inherently harmful towards your countertops, but you want to prevent the possibility of spillage as acidic acids can cause the granite surface to deteriorate. Alcohol such as red wine or vinegar solutions should be stored somewhere else, especially if you’re the clumsy type. 

These liquids can break down your surface of your granite countertop over time. If you leave it for too long, the acid can start to degrade the top seal of your countertop, which will then expose the actual granite underneath. For that reason, you want to make sure that you don’t spill any alcohol on your countertops. If you do, clean up with soap and water right away.

Avoid Storing Or Using Sharp Objects Carelessly

It may sound ridiculous to keep sharp objects away from your granite kitchen countertops since you’ll need them to prepare food. However, granite, while strong and durable, can be scratched by sharp objects. One little scrape may not seem like too much, but they will add up and ruin your countertop’s look in the long run. Scraped granite also cannot be fixed, meaning that the only solution is to have it completely replaced.

Luckily, you can always use a cutting board to avoid getting knives in direct contact with your countertop. Consider placing a kitchen towel under your cutting board to further protect the granite while also keeping your board from sliding.

Avoid Placing Hot Pans Directly On Your Countertops

While granite is a material that can withstand high temperatures, you don’t want to make a habit of placing hot materials above your countertops. Granite may not be as frail to heat, but the top layer of your countertop might not be as invulnerable to heat. You’ll need to avoid placing anything above boiling temperature on it.


Granite countertops are a popular choice among homeowners, but they’re not indestructible. Because countertops are a huge investment on your part, you need to take extra measures in taking care of them and increasing their overall life span.

Granite countertops are a smart investment! If you’re looking to install granite countertops in your home in Seattle, get in touch with us today.

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