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How To Pick Backsplashes That Work Well With Granite

When you think of durable countertops, many designers won’t hesitate to recommend for you to use granite. Rugged but elegant, natural yet refined–granite countertops are luxurious yet functional. One way to bring out the beauty of your surfaces is to pair them with an equally elegant backsplash.

Backsplashes have to be just as attractive as their horizontal counterparts, though you should be careful to choose a design that complements them rather than creates a distraction. To avoid monotony and to create visual interest, backsplash materials should be visibly different from the countertops. Suitable backsplash materials include tile, concrete, or in some cases, wood. 

If you need help looking for the right backsplash to go with your countertop design, here are few ideas to consider:

Contrasts attract

When selecting backsplash materials, try to go for sharp contrasts. A darker granite will pair well with a lighter-colored back wall, and vice-versa. Black Pearl granite would match beautifully with a white subway tile backsplash. Grey or white countertops against a blue herringbone tile would also make a lovely match. The key here is to limit the pop of color to the back wall, don’t overuse it around the kitchen.  

Complement patterns

Try to balance the busy pattern of granite with a backsplash in a simple style. If you are working with a heavily-speckled granite such as New Tropic Brown or Fiesta Gold, which can already draw a lot of visual attention, play down the background with a plain tile in a simple horizontal or hexagonal pattern. 


Suppose you are struggling with patterns, try instead to look for a tile in the same color family, but using different materials. Slate tiles might go with granite color like Silver Waves. Beige and cream granite hues of Arena and Creama Caramel might go with similarly-hued tiles. The continuity of color throughout the room can make the room look bigger and countertop space wider. 

Try different textures

Playing around with textures can make even a simple background look interesting. Some designers like to use stamped concrete, or tile that has raised or etched freeform patterns. You can use plain colors and simple materials but still create sophisticated designs by playing with varying grades on its surface.  

Beautiful but functional

Backsplash material should cohesively match your kitchen cabinet and counter design, but keep in mind that it should be easy to clean and maintain as well. Pick a coated tile if you opt for white or light colors because they tend to collect food, oil, and dirt over time. Concrete can make it possible to have intricate patterns and textures, but it is not always easy to wipe down.  Some homeowners and designers opt to have the backsplash remain bare, but this can leave the walls susceptible to stains and look dirty and worn over time. 

In conclusion

When selecting a design for your back wall, Ask your suppliers or designers to provide you samples of the tile and stone to see the actual material before it is installed. If you are renovating your kitchen yourself, bring a sample of your granite countertop with you to the store, or view samples online. Make sure to test the design in a small section of the kitchen wall, doing so can help you confirm if you have found the right match. 

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