Kitchen Countertops

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Our kitchen countertop materials come with a wide variety of choices. You can literally browse through the dozens of different kitchen countertops to find something that would best fit your needs.
In times when quality kitchen countertops are hard to find, we work with the best styles, materials and price ranges in Seattle and the surrounding areas. More importantly, no one material is confined to a certain look.
Our kitchen countertops are designed to withstand wear and tear and last for years to come. Below, you can browse through our countertop materials and discover the best models for your kitchen’s decor, needs and budget.
These come in many colors and patterns. Their surface is smooth, durable and requires low maintenance.
Benefit from the natural rock looking features, distinctive patterns and colors that are unique to each stone and pre-sealed for durability.
Marble is a popular material mostly because of its natural look, resembling a stone with elegant veining and a classic texture suitable for low traffic areas.
This durable stone comes in neutral tones, featuring swirls and veins with a distinctive shine and is pre-sealed for easy care.

Designed To Withstand Wear And Tear In Style

We know that there is not a single surface in most of the homes that gets more daily use and abuse than kitchen countertops. They are the place where food is prepared, small appliances are used, storage containers sit and where we throw various household items.
To handle all of that, your kitchen countertops must be strong, durable, easy to clean and attractive. Fortunately, we have a wide range of materials that meet those criteria, especially when it comes to high-end features and amazing man-made materials.
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