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Should You Get Natural Stone for Your Bathroom Countertops?

In the olden days, marble and natural stone were symbols of wealth, grandeur, and power when used for floorings and other surfaces in residences. Quarrying, cutting, and transporting such materials were incredibly labor-intensive, meaning only the wealthiest could afford to furnish their homes with such material.

Fortunately, natural stone has become a much more affordable option thanks to modern equipment and more widely available transportation systems. To this day, natural stone remains a classic building material that exudes elegance and style. 

If you’re considering natural stone for your bathroom countertops, here are three things to consider: 

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Seeing a bathroom that’s furnished with marble and other natural stone immediately makes for a grand and sophisticated impression. Natural stone has always symbolized exclusivity and taste, which will carry that same atmosphere to your bathroom. In fact, natural stone countertops are so timeless and stylish that they instantly elevate the feel of any room.

If your bathroom is a fairly small space, natural stone countertops are a great way to dress it up while making it feel like it’s a much larger room. They’re also flexible because they can be cut to the specific shape of your counters and incorporated into any design you have in mind. You can have counters of any shape, from the standard rectangular ones to ones that are T-shaped! 

It Improves Resale Value

Natural stones come from quarries, which have been used for thousands of years to extract stone for building material. These quarries have a different form of stone even within the same quarry, which means you’ll have a unique slab of stone for each countertop or design element in your house. 

This uniqueness, coupled with the properties of natural stone, automatically increases the resale value of your home. Natural stone has always been a desirable building material and will remain so in the years to come, making it classic and timeless yet modern at the same time. 

The presence of natural stone in a residence is always a strong positive among buyers, so if you’re thinking of offering your home for sale in the far future, you can count on your natural stone countertops to bump up the selling price.

It’s Durable

Natural stone has long been considered a durable building material, but it was once off-limits to wet locations like bathrooms. Thanks to modern technology, sealants have provided natural stone with added protection against water and other liquids. In fact, they can withstand the accidents and mishaps of everyday life: food spillage, splashes of wine, and even cups of hot coffee can easily be wiped off natural stone countertops. 

In fact, natural stone is so sturdy that it can even bear the brunt of knives with little to no damage. They’re also low maintenance, requiring additional applications of sealant every few years to further protect them. These kinds of countertops easily last a lifetime, which will save you plenty of money on maintenance and replacement costs. 


Natural stone countertops are a great addition to your bathroom. They’re upscale, unique, and long-lasting, which will make your bathroom one of the most stylish spaces in your home. They instantly upgrade the room while providing it with more durability, making it easy to clean and maintain. Natural stone countertops are definitely something to consider when designing your bathroom. 

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