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The Basics of Buffing Your Granite Counters – What to Know

Granite countertops often have a polished finish when installed, depending on the homeowner’s preference. These countertops are highly preferred, as having a glossy surface on your kitchen tabletops adds personality and a unique aesthetic to your house. Shiny granite counters are also becoming more and more popular these days, especially ones with deep black, brown, or green granite color schemes with high-quality patterns that make your kitchen or bathroom sharp and sleek. 

But there are ways to make your granite countertops even glossier and more luxurious-looking. Here are the basics of buffing your granite counters:

Use the right polishing product

When it comes to buffing your countertops, part of the polishing products will be essential. Just wiping off your granite counters with a cleaning rug will not give you desirable results if your goal is to make them look shinier. 

You need to be attentive when picking the right polishing product too. There are those that are intended for ceramic, laminate, and hardwood surfaces that contain substances that can damage your granite counter. These polishing products have wax and abrasive materials that should never be applied to granite, along with marble, travertine, and other natural stones.

Look for a polisher specifically made for granite to ensure that your countertops don’t get damaged.

Polish after sealing

While it’s perfectly fine to polish your granite counter as much as you’d like, it’s best to do so right after sealing the countertop with a granite sealer. You can also determine how strong and fresh the granite seal is by pouring water on it and making puddles that are about three inches in diameter. Observe for 30 minutes and if there are dark rings that form within that time frame, it’s a sign that your countertop needs to be resealed. Remember to thoroughly clean your counters before applying the sealant. Let it cure for 24 hours, and then, you can proceed with polishing.

Polish using the right methods

Polishing with a normal cloth will give you just what the name suggests—normal results. If you want to ensure that your granite counter is in tip-top condition, then use a microfiber cloth. This will guarantee you a sharp-looking and extremely clean granite counter.

Wipe first before adding your granite-safe formula polisher slowly but surely. Finish with a separate cloth, preferably a microfiber one to achieve a surface that’s completely dry and free of streaks.

Wash your polishing cloth carefully

Always keep in mind that the cloth you use needs to be washed with liquid detergent only. Do not use bleach, or it might damage the surface of your granite counters the next time you use the cleaning cloth. Also, use this cloth exclusively for polishing your countertops and don’t use it for any other chores.


With proper maintenance, granite counters will surely catch the attention of your visitors. Having glossy, elegant countertops with granite surfaces brings out the beauty of your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you may have them.

It’s always preferable to maintain their shine and try to avoid scratching or chipping them. With countertops like this, your home will only reflect class and sophistication—who wouldn’t want that?

Looking to upgrade to granite counters? Get in touch with us today and we’ll gladly help!

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