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The Battle Between Quartz and Granite Countertops – What to Know

The most significant decision all homeowners face regarding their kitchen interiors is choosing between quartz and granite as the base material for their kitchen countertops. Both are equally gorgeous, and it shows in their continuous popularity over the years. With that said, it can get quite challenging to decide on which material to choose for your kitchen. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through three different deliberations to compare which material wins for that specific battle.

Heat Comparison Battle: Granite Wins!

Quartz won’t burn from the faintest touch of heat, but when it’s near cooking surfaces, it could get damaged. These could be discolorations like burn marks, which look unsightly for your kitchen aesthetics. Remember that quartz quickly burns because it is a human-made material made of 10 percent polyresin, which is responsible for its heat sensitivity.

If you decide to use quartz for your kitchen countertops, you can opt to use hot pads or trivets, so you’re heated surface won’t directly touch your quartz surfaces. Meanwhile, quartz countertops are excellent choices for your bathroom as a majestic backsplash because of its relatively easy-to-maintain nature. 

Granite countertops don’t have the same issues with heat since it is more heat resistant compared to quartz. The best part about granite countertops is you don’t need to reapply sealants when you’re restaining its surface, unlike countertops made with other materials. However, experts still recommend using hot pads and trivets for extra precautionary measures.

Aesthetics Battle: It’s a Draw!  

Although the aesthetic appeal of both materials varies significantly from each other, both offer a unique finish that can complete your home’s vibe. Quartz has a more innocent and everyday look, which is perfect for people who prefer the minimalist finish. It can be used on low-traffic areas of the house as backsplash, design, or as a surface coat. However, when you use quartz materials in your kitchen, you should pay extra attention to it to avoid damages, since it’s near hot surfaces all the time.

Graphite has a more sleek and modern appeal that makes it look more luxurious than quartz. Different color palette options cater to a diverse variety of people who prefer various styles of the same material.  

Affordability Battle: Granite Wins!

Quartz is generally the more expensive option since it’s not naturally occurring. It undergoes processing to meet precise specifications to achieve its classic appeal that everybody knows and loves. 

Granite is the cheaper option with choices as cheap as $35 per square foot and can go as high as $75 per square foot for the pricier options. Quartz is more expensive with the most affordable option at $50 per square foot and can reach $120 per square foot for the expensive variants. Prices aside, both materials offer extreme physical durability while offering impressive aesthetics. 


It’s two wins and a single draw for the three-battle war between granite and quartz. If we take a win as one point and a draw as half a point, granite wins this war with 2.5 points to flaunt at the losing material. With that said, granite is your best material for your kitchen countertops. 

However, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of using quartz on the other parts of the house too. It’s nice to add a bit of variety to keep guests entertained as they marvel at the intricacies of your home’s aesthetics.

Are you planning to install granite kitchen countertops? Talk to us today to see how we can help you build the kitchen of your dreams.

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