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The Right Edge and Edge Profile for Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz is an excellent choice for countertop material because of its many aesthetic and functional advantages. It is a non-porous material that withstands staining from juice, wine, oil, coffee, and other stain sources. It has stain resistance better than concrete, marble, and granite. 

Because of its non-porous material, keeping a quartz countertop bacteria-free is relatively easy. Moreover, quartz is a durable and elegant material that allows you to experiment with different edge styles. 

Types of Edge You Can Partner With a Quartz Countertop

When it comes to incorporating natural stone elements into projects, quartz is almost always the top-of-mind option for designers. Its unique design and elegant appearance add beauty and value to any space.

Both the waterfall and the mitered edge are popularly used in kitchen and restaurant countertops and bathroom vanities. Here is how the two differ. 

The Waterfall Edge

The waterfall edge is characterized by a 90-degree angle at the countertop’s end. Instead of ending the countertop with a finished edge, a waterfall edge heads toward the floor. It flows right over the side of the cabinet, seating area, or the island, appearing like water falling over a cliff.

This type of edge is considered a modern style because of its clean design. Quartz is the perfect material for this unique style because it is durable enough to support larger overhangs. If you use granite for this style, it may crack or break over time because of its weight. 

The Mitered Edge

The mitered edge is somewhat similar to the waterfall edge. The difference is that a mitered edge does not extend to the floor. If you look closely at its edge, you’d see two 45-degree angles joined together. This cut does not make the edge appear seamless, but it makes the countertops look thicker than regular quartz slabs. 

With a mitered edge, your countertop will surely stand out in a room. Because mitered edges give the illusion that they are thicker than they are, they can quickly become the center of attention. 

Edge Profile for Quartz Countertops

Quartz is also versatile when used as edge profiles. There is a variety you can choose from that will look fitting for your quartz countertop. You can choose a simple edge profile, such as the bullnose, to achieve a classic look. If you want a more luxurious look, choose a more elaborate design, like the double ogee. 

An edge gives your countertop personality, and that tiny element could complete the style vision you have for your space. The most popular edge used in most countertops is the eased edge. The eased edge gives the countertop a rounded square edge or a softened square look. It is both aesthetically pleasing and safe and is perfect for contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles. 

Quartz is also an excellent option for your edge because it will not peel over time, unlike lower-quality materials like laminate. 


Countertops are one of the most used parts of a house. Make sure to choose a material that will look good and offer great functionality for the long term. 

If you are looking for a quartz countertops supplier in Seattle, know that our countertops are carefully designed and crafted to fit your personal and unique style, budget, and needs. Contact Granite Designer today and find the material you are looking for. 

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